Transferring knowledge during coffee breaks

On the Rexel Campus, Rexel Germany’s training center, the coffee breaks have become a true IoT experience. A smart coffee machine by Pepperl+Fuchs and Neoception clearly demonstrates what is possible with sensors and intelligent IoT solutions.

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A look back at the second Digital Expo – live and in 3D

Standing at the trade fair booth, talking to prospective buyers, and demonstrating directly how a product works – all that has been difficult or even impossible since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s why Pepperl+Fuchs relies on virtual events like the second edition of the Digital Expo, which was held from November 15 to 26, 2021.

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Niche business brings success

Polyplan-GmbH, a plant and systems engineering firm in the town of Strasslach, has been part of the Pepperl+Fuchs family since 2019. Located in a former industrial park not far from Munich, the company has focused on automated wax and foam systems for the automotive industry for years – making it truly unique.

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Driverless transport systems at Pepperl+Fuchs in the Czech Republic

They move silently through production halls, transporting goods and materials to exactly where they are needed: auto-guided transport systems. The Pepperl+Fuchs plant in Trutnov (Czechia) has also been using driverless transport systems since the beginning of the year.

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