Toward a modern corporate culture with New Work

New Work at Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam. View of the working environment.

HR Asia, a leading human resource management magazine in the Asia-Pacific region, presented Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam with its HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award last year for the company’s special dedication to its employees. The New Work concept employed there underscores the company’s modern working philosophy and wide range of activities to support employee wellbeing. We asked Han-Thanh, General Director of Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam, to tell us more about it.

Hello, Han-Thanh. The New Work concept has created a working environment where employees feel comfortable…
Han-Thanh: Yes, exactly. The goal of the concept is to promote innovative ways of working and offer employees an inspirational working environment. Our new building is just this kind of modern working environment. Employees can choose their own workstation in the morning. Each person has a rolling case where they can store their personal items. There are smaller, semi-enclosed niches where people can concentrate while they work. And then there are also larger, open-plan areas where they can share ideas and get creative together.

New Work at Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam: Here you can see four different pictures. The top left picture shows two smaller alcoves with small sofas and a table in the middle. The top right picture shows four longer tables with benches. In the bottom left picture you can see various round tables with chairs and in the bottom right picture you can see small, closed booths where you can work undisturbed.
From smaller niches to open-plan areas, the modern environment creates various working options.

That sounds interesting. Can you give us another example of how the New Work concept has been put into practice?
Han-Thanh: Flexible scheduling is another key element. We introduced a remote work option to give employees more freedom to incorporate work into their daily lives. Our goal there was to improve work-life balance. Ultimately, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Employees can talk to their supervisor about how often they should come in to the office. We don’t record people’s working hours, either. It’s all on an honor system. At the end of the day, it’s the results that count. We also promote healthy lifestyles among our employees.

A healthy lifestyle

How so?
Han-Thanh: We have yoga classes three times a week, twice a day, so employees who work shifts also get the chance to attend at least one of the classes. We also have two badminton courts, a fitness center with a treadmill, stair climber, bikes and so on, and a rec room with pool, table tennis, foosball, and a reading corner. All of these options are very popular. Mental health is another important point. Once a quarter, employees have the opportunity to join a webinar and talk with external experts about mental health and burnout.

New Work at Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam: Here you can see four different pictures. The two pictures on the left give you an insight into the fitness room. You can see treadmills and a station for weight training. On the right-hand side you can see two pictures of the hobby room. The top one shows the table football table and the bottom one shows two pool tables. The reading corner can be seen in the background.
The fitness center and rec room are popular with employees.

How would you describe the working atmosphere?
Han-Than: Very family-like, open, friendly, and positive. There’s always a lot of laughter, especially at lunchtime. But we also always have various team building and team bonding activities to foster a sense of community and team cohesion.

Team cohesion

Can you give us a few examples?
Han-Thanh: The team bonding activities take place within a department. Going bowling together or having an evening barbecue on the plant grounds are just two examples. And then we have team building, which is interdepartmental. Our annual company excursion for the entire staff lasts at least three days. We traveled to a beach resort last year. It took 16 buses to get us all there. Once a year, we rent a movie theater so everyone can go and watch a movie together. And shortly before lunar new year, we hold a year-end party to see the old year off in style. We do this to thank employees for all their hard work and give them a chance to get to know their colleagues better outside of the job. We also hold an annual event for the employees’ children. The last Children’s Day involved a trip to the zoo, for example.

New Work at Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam: The picture on the left shows a small terrace with a table and chairs. This is surrounded by a green meadow and trees. The picture on the right shows the Bandminton facility from above.
Employees can sit together and socialize or play badminton outdoors.

Do you have additional plans for the future?
Han-Thanh: We’d like to offer more support to families with babies and toddlers, but we’re not sure yet what form it will take.

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