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Shape your future with Pepperl+Fuchs - FAQs on dual studies program

Would you like to start a dual studies program at Pepperl+Fuchs? This section provides answers to questions on our dual studies programs. You can find general questions and answers regarding Pepperl+Fuchs as an employer, as well as on applying for a position at Pepperl+Fuchs here.

  • What conditions do I need to satisfy in order to qualify for a dual studies program at Pepperl+Fuchs?

    The prerequisite for the dual studies program at Pepperl+Fuchs is a good general or subject-linked higher education entrance qualification and a successfully passed screening test at the Cooperative State University. Although grades are clearly important, they are not everything. In fact, we place just as much emphasis on team spirit, commitment, having fun at work, and the will to get things moving forward.

    Since the prerequisites can vary from one study program to another, a brief description is provided again in the respective postings.

  • When do the dual studies programs start and how long do they take to complete?

    All courses start on October 1 each year. Each dual studies program is completed over 6 semesters and takes a total of 3 years. You will study theoretical content at the vocational college and engage in real work at the company in alternation. During the practical phases at the company, you will be assigned to various specialist departments as a way of acquiring in-depth knowledge and gaining valuable practical experience. 

  • When is the deadline for submitting applications?

    There is no fixed application deadline. Our application portal is open from March onward  for the subsequent training year. However, since most spots are assigned some time before the start of studies, you should ideally already apply a year before you are due to complete your school-leaving qualification.

  • What are my opportunities and chances of being taken on as a permanent employee at Pepperl+Fuchs after successfully completing my dual studies program?

    Former students generally have excellent chances of being offered a permanent position at Pepperl+Fuchs. In fact, many graduates from our dual studies program successfully used the program as a career springboard and today work in a wide range of positions at Pepperl+Fuchs both at home and abroad.

  • Is it possible to complete a practical phase at one of the Pepperl+Fuchs overseas branch offices during the dual studies program?

    Yes, many of our student apprentices express an interest in this and then spend several months at one of our international branch offices, where they complete a practical phase. We are generally very happy for those on a dual studies program to complete a practical phase at one of our overseas locations and are more than willing to support them in this regard.

  • What will I do during the practical phases at the company?

    During the practical phases, you will be assigned to specialist departments that match your course of study. Here, you will be able to implement the knowledge you have learned at college directly in practice. You will support your colleagues working on exciting topics and projects, assume personal responsibility for assigned tasks, and work on your own projects independently. 

  • Who will support me during the dual studies program?

    You can rely on intensive support and guidance for your personal further development throughout your entire study period. Support is provided via appointees in the individual specialist departments that you pass through during your dual studies program, as well as via the apprenticeship supervisors, who support you throughout your entire study program. Dual studies program graduates from previous years are also available to support you and can be contacted at any time. In addition to this, we assign you a mentor in your first few months, who can offer assistance and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Do those on the dual studies program also have semester vacations?

    No, as these students are assigned to various departments at Pepperl+Fuchs during lecture-free periods, where they can implement the knowledge they have acquired during studies directly in practice. However, everyone on the dual studies program is allocated 30 days of annual vacation for the practical phases at the company.

  • How long is the probationary period for those on a dual studies program?

    Pepperl+Fuchs Mannheim: 4 months

    ECOM Instruments GmbH: Up to 6 months 

  • What does a good application for a place on the dual studies program look like and how can I apply?

    Your application should include a cover letter, a résumé, and the two most recent certificates from the school you are currently attending. You may add a photo if you wish, although this is not compulsory. 

    Your cover letter should tell us a bit about yourself and why you wish to start this particular course of study. Maybe you have been fascinated by technology since you were young and have always enjoyed tinkering? This is exactly the kind of information we like to hear if you are, for example, applying for a place on the electrical engineering dual studies program. What makes you stand out from other applicants (for example hobbies, volunteer work, internships, or prior knowledge/experience)? Try to be authentic in your descriptions, as this is the most important thing for us.

  • How does the selection procedure work for a dual studies program?

    In the first step, the application documents are carefully examined and a preselection of all applications received is performed.
    Pepperl+Fuchs Mannheim: If you have impressed us with your application documents, we will send you an online test that you can complete in your own time from home. The test takes around 60 to 90 minutes and can be taken on any computer with an Internet connection. In terms of content, the test focuses on technical and commercial understanding. Once we have sent you the invitation for the test, you can take the actual test at a time that suits you. We will then invite you to attend a recruitment day. To get you know you better and see what kind of special skills you can bring to our team, we will ask you to take career-specific tests, participate in group exercises, and present yourself creatively. Once this has all been completed, you will then attend a face-to-face interview.

    ECOM Instruments GmbH: Following a successful online test, we will get to know one another better in a face-to-face interview. The key here is also to simply be yourself and talk openly.

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