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For a successful start – joining Pepperl+Fuchs

A new job is always a leap into the unknown. We know that — so we do everything we can to help you get started at Pepperl+Fuchs. Along with the contract, we send out a handbook for new employees. This handbook gives you all of the important information about your new workplace to ensure a smooth start. The handbook also provides important information about the region to help you feel right at home.

During the first few months of the orientation period, we provide you with a mentor. This contact person helps you with all of your important questions and needs, and actively supports you during the initial phase. As a rule, your mentor will be a colleague from your immediate work environment.

Your mentor will explain everything about the distribution of tasks, responsibilities, and workflows. During an in-depth tour, you will also learn about the most important structures at our company.

Before your first day on the job, we will create your personal training plan. This plan determines how you will learn about important issues, when your training sessions will take place, and how you can build a network in the company, one step at a time. 

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Production Manager (Ultrasonic + Radar Sensors)
Singapur - Singapore

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Bachelor of Science (m/w/d) Studiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik, Fachrichtung Data Science 2024
Germany - Mannheim